CLEBC Web and User Experience Strategy

Organizational strategy and user experience review for CLEBC's web presence

The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC (CLEBC) is an organization that delivers online and face-to-face professional development to legal professionals.

With about a dozen web properties, the online presence has been plagued by years of ad-hoc and makeshift practices in maintenance, organization, and development of their web presence. Much of the work had been reactionary rather than planned with foresight.

The strategy analyzes the business challenge and outlines a plan and structure for the continued innovation and maintenance of all CLEBC web properties in a customer centric and usability friendly manner. In addition, the project included the design and development of a prototype as a template for improved user experience, staff workflow, and aesthetics for all other web properties.
The strategy involved:
  • Diagnosis of the nature of the challenge
  • Indicated the unique value proposition
  • Rivals comparison
  • Discussion of limits - what won't be done
  • Recommending actions and resource allocations to carry out the strategy
  • Diagnosis of the competitive environment
  • Identifying what is happening in the market, with customers, with competitors, & within the organization
  • Defining a guiding policy for the challenge
  • Recommending use of Content Management System for increased productivity
  • Implementing an iterative Agile workflow
Diagram created to illustrate proposed agile workflow

To fully understand the context, data was surveyed from staff, customer feedback, and existing analytics data. Observations, including that of customer service phone calls were used. Analysis suggested a need for an organizational Strategy to ensure consistency and upkeep of all CLEBC web properties. Key business metrics were addressed in relation to the challenge to define the strategy. Strategy recommended short term changes to the main website and the long term implementation of an iterative workflow with dedicated resources.

  • Strategy and proposal site was well received by all executives and managers.
  • New main portal is currently being implemented.
  • Web Strategy is being incorporated with an upcoming Content Strategy under development.
  • Organization has a new outlook and awareness on User Experience and the importance of their web properties.


Project Initiator, Discovery research, Lead design and strategy development

A prototype developed using the strategy

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