CLEBC Information Architecture

Resturcturing a complex and content heavy web presence

The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC (CLEBC) is an organization that delivers online and face-to-face professional development to legal proFessionals.

With about a dozen web properties, the online presence has been plagued by years of ad-hoc and makeshift practices in maintenance, organization, and development of their web presence.



The complex and content heavy web presence of CLEBC was restructured, with significant research (user research, content research, and service research), as well as collaborative design with stakeholders and subject matter experts.

The organization of the web presence never had any design or intentionality to it. The content and categorization had been done ad-hoc since the beginning. Much of the organization simply mirrored the internal department structure, not considering how the customer would be navigating or consuming the content.

This map was created to document and illustrate the complexities and user unfriendliness of the web presence.

The IA before
A map of the initial haphazard state of CLEBC web properties - Ad hoc with no consideration of how customers actually navigate
Process: Research and Discovery

Research, discovery, mapping research/current, interviews of knowledge holders

Process: Collaborative Ideation Process: An iteration of the Information Architecture

Co-creation sessions and iterating designs after feedback sessions with stakeholders

Getting political buy-in was essential at CLEBC, where everyone had their own strong opinions on what the website should be.

The IA after
Proposed redesigned information architecture

The proposed IA is based off of user and stakeholder feedback. It incorporates navigation principles and principles of sorting. It considers the functionality of the website from the users' perspective and how future features will function. It considers current users with their learned behaviours and navigation patterns. I made sure not to create an overly disruptive and jarring transition, but rather something that was still intuitive for everyone.

Involved Skills:

Information Mapping, Content Research, Stakeholder Interviews, Co-Creation Sessions

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