Canada Lifestyle & Health Browser

Open Data Visualization of Health Outcomes Across Canada

The Canada Lifestyle & Health Browser is a map based tool to compare computed lifestyle scores of community regions in Canada. If you are curious to know how your community or location may affect your health, this is the right app for you.

As a part of the Canadian Open Data Experience, I worked with two data experts, over a 48 hour period, to produce a useful webapp with mash-up of open data sources, under the event themes.

You can browse different regions in Canada and compare their aggregate health indicator scores and their statistical details. The details provide a unique insight into the health status of each region. This aggregated data includes all sexes, all ages, and with the most recent Canadian data from the CCHS survey. The score, out of 100, is computed from a number of open data sources of health and lifestyle, including life expectancy, instances of disease, and recreational activity. When each region is clicked, individual scores of each metric is shown.

Included Open Data Sets:
- Health indicator profile
- Health-adjusted life expectancy

Possible future enhancements:
- Methods of direct comparison between cities, possibly using rankings charts
- Mash up with local recreation resources (direct links to recreation centers, community programs)

Principal UX and UI Design, Front-End Development, Data Processing

Bootstrap and Google's Material Design were used in the creation and design of the webapp.

The Canada Lifestyle & Health Browser:

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